Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SDCC 2014 Signing Schedule.

Selling a couple exclusives at the show this year. Stop by and say hey!
WARRIOR CHICKEN POYO Orange Foil SDCC Edition- $10
CHEW Wonderland SDCC Exclusive Print. Limited to 100. -$25

8-9pm - Image Booth

11-12pm - Image Booth
2-4pm - Booth 701
4-5pm - Image Booth

10-12pm -Booth 701
2-3pm - Booth 701
3-5pm - Image Booth

11-12pm - Booth 701
1-2pm - Image Booth

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Commissions!

Yep, I'm taking a few commissions for Christmas. Depending on the complexity of the ones I get, I should have room for around 10. So, jump on it! Details below.

The Art: 9x12, pencil, inks and watercolor (occasionally gouache).

The Price: $100 for busts/headshot of one character, $150 for full figure one character. Anything more is negotiable, but obviously the more detail, the more it costs.

Mailout: Sending out all commissions by Dec. 14 for pre-Christmas delivery. Sadly, I can't guarantee pre-Christmas delivery for overseas orders.

Shipping Cost: Tack on $15. We pack each piece with love and care, so's to ensure a safe delivery. And by "we" I mean "My Amazing Wife". Again, overseas shipping will be more, so I'll price you on a case-by-case basis.

For Requests: Email Rob@RobGuillory.com, and I'll get back to you. Spots are limited, so if these fill up fast, I may just reply with "Sorry, all full up."

Your Name: (Obviously.)
Character Request: (Again, if you say "Something CHEW-related" or "Whatever ya want!", I will love you. FOREVER.)
Shipping Address: (Clearly.)

Payment: Paypal only.

And I'll update here when I'm full up. If this works out, expect me to do more of this in 2013.


UPDATE: Wow, that was fast. I'm all full up on Christmas commissions! But no worries, I'll be reopening the list, post-holidays. THANKS!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wizard Austin Commissions!

Yep...once again, it's been too damn long since I've posted. I draw a comic page a day. Gimme a break. Only so many hours in a day, guys!

That said, I'm looking to take a few commissions for next weekend's WizardWorld Austin convention. I'm thinking I'll take 15-20 of them. I've never taken pre-orders before, but I figure I'd give it a shot. Details below!

The Art: 9x12, pencil, inks and watercolor (occasionally gouache).

The Price: $100 for busts/headshot of one character, $150 for full figure one character.

The Pickup: Sunday, Oct. 28, last day of the con. If you need it earlier, we can talk about it.

For Requests: Email Rob@RobGuillory.com, and I'll be getting back to you before the con. I'll need the following info in the email....

Your Name: (Obviously.)
Character Request: (If you say "Something CHEW-related" or "Whatever ya want!", I will love you. FOREVER.)
Cell #: (So I can reach you at the show for pickup.)

For these pre-orders, I'm asking that payments are made through PayPal prior to the show. I may take more commissions at the show, if I get done with these early.

Below are examples of commissions from recent shows.

So yeah, if you're interested, hit me up. If this works out, I'll probably do it for all future shows.

OH, and I dunno if I've ever mentioned it here, but if anyone's interested in buying original CHEW art, hit RobGuilloryStore.com. It's just that easy. TONS of stuff from previous issues there.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creator-Owned Day.

Captain Brigade and The Mutant Earthworm. The first comic creations of a 9-year-old Rob.

And yes, I'm doing a new comic featuring them.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The new CHEW Chog shirt is available NOW for pre-order here. We'll be taking pre-orders through January 1, then orders will ship in mid-January. Take advantage of this pre-order price, as there's a good chance we'll be raising the price to $20 after the Jan. 1 deadline.

Spread the word! The better the response, the more new merch we'll make.

And of course, CHEW #22 and the Omnivore Edition Vol.2 are both in stores TODAY. In fact, both CHEW Hardcovers are on sale today for 45% OFF at Thwipster.com, so you'd be an IDIOT not to pick them up at that price. This sale ends tomorrow, so jump on that!

And as always, there's tons of CHEW Original Art for sale at RobGuilloryStore.com.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Behold the Chog Shirt!

Pre-order details tomorrow. And yes, we're printing on American Apparel shirts. Sadly, we don't have time to for pre-Christmas shipping. Late Christmas gift, anyone?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Catching Up.

CHEW #22 will have 2 covers, and will be out on 12/7. Same day as the second Omnivore Edition.

We'll be monthly for the rest of the Major League CHEW arc, then will take a month off to release the trade. We're basically catching up from our lateness in 2011 (due to real life stuff), and we're on track to an on-schedule 2012. Exciting!

Of course, the bad news is that I had to drop out of the London Super Comic-Con in February. The con fell right in the middle of working on an issue, so it was a no go. Like I said, the schedule has priority. Maybe we'll have better luck in 2013.

On the whole, I'm cutting back on con appearances next year, which is kind of a relief/bummer. I love touching base with the fans, but cons are a major energy drain, especially with all the jetsetting. But, whatcha gonna do?

It occurs to me that I've done a bunch of press online that kinda fell by the wayside while I've been taking my hiatus. Here's a bunch of interviews I've done in the last few months.

The Beat: I chatted with Australian mag The Beat before my trek there, regarding social media. Good talk.
NonCanonical Podcast: Interview with Australian podcasters, about success, speculating and that damn TMNT cover.
The Outhousers: Pretty straightforward interview. Nice guy that I kinda scared with my disclaimer: "Ask good questions." Sorry, bud.
The Hourly Planet: Fun, fun interview. There's a Mortal Kombat reference in it. That's a WIN to me.
Image Addiction Podcast: An hour-long discussion about comics and whatever, featuring myself and Morning Glories artist Joe Eisma. Really fun time.

Other stuff:

CW show "Hart of Dixie" made all kinda CHEW references in one of their episodes. Thus earning all kindsa Cool Points.

And Blair Butler gives CHEW some love on Attack of the Show.

I may be forgetting some things, so forgive me. I'm almost halfway done with CHEW 23, so look for that in January. Back to work for me.